It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Our Tape Measure And Marking Pencil | M1 Caliber

Using a centuries-old tape measure and marking pencil to cut the material in a perfect length is a thing of the past. The M1 Caliber is a digital measurement tool that completely changes the fundamental concept of measuring. However, this revolutionary, augmented tool attaches to your existing saw to provide the most accurate and faster cuts.

Moreover, it is way safer than the traditional tools that we have been using for centuries. It was invented by ‘REEKON tools’ which is located in Boston, MA. The idea is to implement modern technology in traditional work to increase functionality and productivity. Above all, it can works perfectly with almost any kind of saws like cut off saws, miter saws, and band saws.

Innovative Tool Replaces Traditional Way Of Measuring

Simply clamp the device to saw fence and slide the material underneath it. The device will display both metric and English measurements on the large backlit display. However, you can also use the M1 Caliber to make angle cuts and beveled cuts. This device can measure almost any kind of flat-surfaced building materials such as farming, finish, composite, molding, and metal.

Further, it can also measure curves surfaced material like pipes and tubes. Surprisingly, they have tested this device for more than 500 hours in different job sites. As a result, they have figured out that this tool is ideal for different kinds of construction works such as framing, rough cuts, trim, finish work, exteriors, and even furniture.

So, this is how it works. Once you slide the material underneath the device the wheel starts rotating. Then the M1 Caliber converts the rotary measurements into a liner measurement. Currently, this unique device is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Their planed retail price is $149.99, but you will get one for an early pledge of $89 on!

Watch the M1 Caliber in action

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