Simply Fold This House And Take It Wherever You Want | Foldable House by Brette Haus

Current technological advancement invites people to live a nomadic lifestyle. In that respect, Jelgava, Latvia based startup called ‘Brette Haus’ surprises us with their innovative foldable house designs. These foldable houses will be installed within three hours.

On the other hand, it’s foldable structure is very compact and easy to transport via any kind of truck. Unlike container cabins and boxed houses, this foldable tiny house reduces its size and shape when shipping. Brette Haus has claimed that they have multiple floor plans for different usage.

That is to say, their tiny house models can be used as a retail cabin, garden house, home office, event space, bungalow, seasonal shelter, and even a pop-up store. Also, those models have comes in three different sizes such as 236sq.ft, 333sq.ft, and 505sq.ft. Moreover, these foldable tiny houses equipped with all the necessary engineering works like plumbing, electric wiring, and sewage.

You can also customize the house with a solar battery kit, a pumping station with a water filter, and sewerage as per your off-grid needs. However, this house made off the spruce and pine woods and has a rock hexagonal roofing. On the ground floor, the house features a spacious living area, kitchen, and a complete bathroom.

Likewise, the first floor features a master bedroom. Currently, these folding houses are for sale. You can get the 236sq.ft Brette Haus folding tiny house for € 22,000 (roughly US$ 26,154). Luckily, You can also try this cabin for rent by contacting them here!

Source: Brette Haus

Watch the foldable house in action

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