Are These Lego-Like Wooden-Block Houses Our Future?

What if you could just build your home by playing with massive Lego-like house blocks? Well, the Belgium based company ‘Gablok’ makes it possible. However, the Gablok is known for their insulated wooden blocks that allows you to build an Eco-friendly house on your own.

It was invented by Gabriel Lakatos who has more than 25 years of experience in the traditional construction field. He was inspired by the Danish construction toys from his young age. As a result, he invents this revolutionary DIY construction method after spending months in research and testing.

Build Your Dream Home Like a Lego Set

Moreover, this simplified construction method uses insulated blocks, insulated beams, and lintels to build the house. Once you complete the wooden block construction, then finish the roof and exterior of the house as your wish. Above all, those Lego-like self-building blocks use the OSB wood which is completely recyclable and safe for our environment.

Surprisingly, these insulated wooden blocks fit together exactly like a Lego toy. So it doesn’t need any joining system to get the structure of your dream home. Unlike the traditional construction method, Gablok doesn’t require any drying time. So you can able to build your own house within a week.

Meanwhile, these Lego-like house blocks come in three different lengths such as 30cm, 60cm, and 90cm. But all of them have the same height as 30cm. The 60cm length block weighs only 7.5kg which is very easy to handle and steady enough to keep the structure. Get more details about the Gablok on!

Watch the Lego-Like House Blocks in action

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