Roomba-style Autonomous and RC Robot Snowblower

Everyone in the northern states has learned over the last few weeks that investing in the best gas or electric snow blower is better than shoveling snow by hand. However, not everyone can use a snowblower; consider those who are unable to shovel snow or operate a snowblower due to old age or injury. The Snowbot s1 is an autonomous robot snowblower that also can be operated by remote control.

With the help of 4 high-efficiency motors and anti-slip rubber tracks, it removes snow from sidewalks or parking lots while we sleep. Moreover, this snow plowing robot claimed to remove snow up to 12 inches deep. That is way more than minimum snow for a typical snowblower.

The cleaning area will be determined by the 4 UWB (Ultra-Wideband). Likewise, the autonomous navigation system maintains accuracy. After positioning the beacons at 3 points, the Snowbot s1 automatically plans its cleaning path with the help of an advanced positioning algorithm. If the area is not in shape or has an uneven surface, use the remote controller. On the other hand, a dedicated smartphone app is used to customize the path.

It also moves at a speed ranging from 0 to 1.31 ft/s. The speed varies based on the depth of the snow. Above all, the flexible snow throwing mechanism features a 360° rotating funnel and is powerful enough to throw snow up to a distance of 12 feet. When comes to safety, there is a LiDAR sensor that identifies any obstacles on the path and activates the buzzer alarm.

Also, it can stop itself and illuminate a yellow warning light if someone interferes with its path. In addition, the robot has a 36V, 31.2 Ah lithium-ion battery with a 1.5-hour operation time. For more details including pricing and launching date visit their website.

Source: Snowbot

Watch the Robot Snowblower in action

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