2-in-1 Beach Lounger | This Folding Beach Chair Turns Into a Beach Cart

This ultimate beach lounger chair will turns into wagon to make your beach trip easy. The folding beach chair and the cart combo is perfect for enjoying days at the beach,  for park, ad even camping. The 2-in-1 Beach Lounger cart was made by the company called ‘Mac Sports’. It weights just 19 pounds, So it’s light enough to hang in your garage, shed while not in use. This Beach lounger and multi-functional cart must be the great way to get to the beach.

Folding Beach Chair Turns Into a Beach Cart:

Folding Beach Chair Turns Into a Beach Cart

The beach lounger’s frames are made from the heavy-duty aluminum material. So it’s extremely light weight and weather resistance. It can handles up to 225 lbs of weight in chair mode, and has a loading capacity of 100 lbs in cart mode. this lounger and cart combo also comes with a massive all-terrain wheels, telescoping handle, and a soft pillows attached with the lounger chair. You can also mount the universal umbrella onto the lounger.

This 2-in-1 Beach Lounger Doubles as a Wagon

In the cart mode it measures 18.9 inches x 18.9 inches x 18.9 inches. So it can easily hold your thing you need at the beach like coolers, towels, balls, floats, toys of your kids and other sporting goods. The lounger chair can be adjustable in 4 different angles for your comfort. The 2-in-1 Beach Lounger cart measures 35 inches x 30.3 inches x 9.8 inches while on folded position. So it will easily fit into the trunk of your car. Check the Folding Beach Chair Cart on Amazon.com! 

Watch the 2-in-1 Beach Lounger cart in action:

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