Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

by Raj


Do you actually sell products on Thesuperboo?

No. We do not sell any products here, we are simply linking to products you can find on other websites like Amazon, Ebay, ThinkGeek, etc…

Can you ship to my country?

You will need to click through to the store that is actually selling the product and check with them, we do not sell any products, we are just linking to where you can purchase it.

What is your return policy?

Again, since we do not sell any products, we do not have a return policy. You will need to check with whatever store you actually buy/bought your item(s) from.

The product you’re linking to is no longer availabe, or the link is broken. What gives?

Often times products will run out of stock or completely be removed from stores. If you come across such an instance, please contact us and let us know which item it is so we can update it. We would be much obliged.

Do you offer a catalog or brochure that you can mail me?

At this time we do not offer a physical catalog or magazine that we mail out, but you can sign up for our weekly newsletter that we can send to your email that features our top items of the week.

Can I send you info on my product or a product I found online to be featured on TheSuperBoo?

Absolutely, we love receiving tips on new products that we haven’t heard about yet. Simply fill out our contact form, and if we love it, we will feature it on our homepage.

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