This Child Stroller is a Folding Bicycle for Parents | Alfawise Bike Stroller

This child stroller is also be used as a bike for parents. ‘Alfawise’ created this recreational parent-child folding bike. This stroller bike can by folds into a traditional stroller mode for walk. And you can easily folds out and turn it into a bicycle if you want to ride. It also folds to fit in the trunk of a car. So you can easily carry around the bike stroller anywhere you want. The standing feature on the back side allows both parents to ride in style.

This Child Stroller is a Folding Bicycle for Parents:

Alfawise Bike Stroller

Child strollers are must have for today’s parents. Because they can’t do any other tasks while holding their baby in hands. But pushing stroller is not that much easy while you planning for a family trip or walking long distance to reach the park. So this multi-functional bike stroller allows parents turn the stroller into a bicycle. By the way, it also provides a healthier environment for both parent and children.

This Child Stroller is a Folding Bicycle

It comes with the storage basket at the bottom to hold your toddler’s toys or baby’s bottle. The manned design at the back allows another person to join the journey by standing on it. So it’s ultimately suitable for families with more then one children. It have the useful safety features like 5-point seat belt, front safety barrier, quick release handrail and strong safety buckle. So it must be the better option for self driving tours.

Bike Stroller

You can easily fold or unfold the bicycle part in 5 seconds without picking up the baby. This bike stroller is perfect for shopping malls, resorts, theme parks, large tourist attractions, and other long distance trips. And it doesn’t require and special tools for the folding and unfolding process. It’s complete folded size measures 85 x 70 x 39cm. So it’s small enough to fit into your small cars trunk. Check the Alfawise stroller there!

Watch the Alfawise Bike Stroller in action:

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