BOBBY | Automatic Baby Bouncer For Modern Parents

Calming down the baby is pretty challenging for modern parents when they gathering with friends. Meet the BOBBY, it’s an automated device that designed to turn your baby’s car seat into a baby bouncer. This portable, smart and automatic baby bouncer works perfectly with almost every standard baby car seats. However, this creative idea comes in a Dominik’s mind when he swinging the baby car seat with his foot. So, he decided to create a device that simple and cool for parents to use.

Turn Your Baby’s Car Seat Into a Bouncer

To make the baby car seat automated, simply place the BOBBY under the rounded edge of your baby’s car seat and turn it on. Then gently push the seat down to trigger BOBBY’s pusher. BOBBY creates a gentle rocking motion which is similar to being held by dad or mom. Most importantly, its unique technology will adjust the motion depends on the baby’s weight. As a result, it keeps the baby calm and relax more easily. With relaxed baby, you will get lot of time to get a coffee, shower and even a short yoga session.

It’s cylinder shape is very compact and portable. So you can fit the device in stroller, diaper bag  and carry wherever you go. On the other hand, it will automatically shuts off after 30 minutes and the battery will lasts more then 7 hours. For instance, if you want to speedup or slow down the swing, then press the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ button to customize the speed.

Not only as a baby rocker, the BOBBY comes with a 5.200 mAh rechargeable battery. So you can also use it as a power bank for other tech devices. BOBBY is completely splash and child proof. Meanwhile, it’s made form the BPA free materials and weights only 950 grams. Finally, with an automatic baby bouncer new parents will get more time when they deserve a break. Check the automated baby bouncer on!

Watch the baby bouncer device in action

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