SlideAway | Kids Toy Storage Bin With Clean-Up Play Mat

SlideAway is the ultimate storage, organizing and cleanup solution for any small toys like LEGO. The sildeaway comes with a built-in play mat that allows you to spread the toys out and provides a massive play area. So your kids can easily find the unique part of the LEGO without make any mess. All you have to do is simply take the play mat out of the storage bin and spread it out on the floor. Then dump the toys out for hours of enjoyment.

SlideAway | Kids Toy Clean-up and Organizer :

This uniquely designed storage container is perfect to store almost any kind of small toys like LEGOs, Hot Wheels, magnatiles, and even Barbie dolls. The 52″ play mat have enough room for multiple kids to play with the toys at the same time. A two-inch lip on the edge of the play mat keep the toys in place while your kids playing. Once they done playing, simply slide the toys into the basket by using the handles on the sides of the mat.

The play mat will easily fit on top of the toys in the bin. Then cover the organizer basket with the lid to secure the toys. And this is how the SlideAway makes toy cleaning up a five-second work. The 12 x 15″ storage basket can easily hold the entire LEGO toy set init. They are available in two different color options like solid grey and grey stripe patterns. This stylish basket perfect addition to kids rooms, playrooms and living rooms.

The company also provide a small version of this toy organizer basket for travelling or outdoors. It perfect to hold markers, crayons, mini toy figurines, and snacks on the go. It also have the little play mat for hold the markers. The awesome SlideAway was created by the company called Creative QT and designed by parents to five. Finally, this toy cleanup basket allows you kids to play with LEGOs without spilling them everywhere. Check the SlideAway on!

Watch the Kids Toy Storage Bin in action down below:

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