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I’ve discovered you an entire host of different types of animated Halloween props. From crawling robotic monster hand to animated Ouija board. Surly you will find something here to jazz up your upcoming Halloween party. The creators of these things have taken the Halloween home decoration to next level. Here is the list of seven most favorite animated Halloween props.

7 Most Favorite Animated Halloween Props:

1. Crawling Robotic Monster Hand:

This Crawling Robotic Monster Hand is the creepiest Halloween prop ever

This creepy monster hands will crawl around your home without any support. This is inspired by the monster hand from the famous film series ‘Addams Family’. This crawling robotic monster hand will be the weirdest spooky thing across your dining table. They comes in realistic flesh color with some blood trace effects. The battery operated monster hand needs 3 AA batteries. Check the monster hands on Amazon.com!

2. Bubble Fogger Machine:

this Bubble Fogger Machine will make your halloween party foggy

Fill the air with fun at your upcoming Halloween party. The bubble fogger machine creates dozens of fog filled bubbles to complete the Halloween mood. The fog will release while the bubbles get burst. The bubble fogger creates two bubble sizes. The large bubbles are even more dramatic when they float around. But especially when they burst. This machine can able to make 150 bubbles per minute. Check the foggy bubble machine on Amazon.com!

3. Moving Halloween Tree:

the Moving Halloween Tree will scare everyone in the Halloween party

Make some fairy tail fantasy in your Halloween party bu using this moving tree. Just plugin the tree to do a spooky dance and grab your guests attention. It comes with the amber colored LED lights. Every portion of the tree rotate and moving separately. The strong metal base prevent the tree from falling. It have a two separate cords, one for the motor and another one for the lights. There are two sizes are available, 5ft tree and 6-1/2 ft tree. Check creepy moving tree on Grandinroad.com!

4. Robotic Witch Broom:

Robotic Witch Broom will be spooky

This self-propelled and dancing witch’s broom will move around your room. The party people will get spooky while the broom moving around the floor and make some scary noises. The battery operated robotic witch broom needs 4 AA batteries. It’s made from the steady plastic. Check the broom on Grandinroad.com!

5. Animated Eyeball Doorbell:

Animated Eyeball Doorbell

Even door bells also sounds and looks scary for this Halloween. When someone press the doorbell button an unexpected lighted eyeball pops up to scare them. You can use this on both indoors and put doors. The glowing eyeballs moves side-to-side with sound. And you can’t control the volume. It’s completely battery operated and need three AAA batteries. Check the doorbell on Grandinroad.com!

6. Scary Tapping Peeper:

Scary Tapping Peeper

Three-dimensional peeper prop that hangs from and taps on a window. It will hand on any type of window from indoor and outdoor. The motion activated prop will tap three times when anyone walk through the window. You can also set the timing to tap three times for every 10 seconds. It’s made from Vinyl and real fabric. This prop comes with a on/off and timer buttons. It needs a three AAA batteries to operate. Check the peeper prop on Grandinroad.com!

7. Animated Ouija Board:

Animated Ouija Board

Nothing creepier than a Ouija Board in our childhood days. Everyone will know that someone need to control the board. But what if they move by their own!. The cursor will move on the surface by the help of Motion-activation sensor. It’ made from the wood and resin. It doesn’t have any sound effects and battery operated. Just turn on the Ouija Board then the planchette automatically moving to random letters. Check the ouija board on Grandinroaad .com!

Watch the Animated Halloween Props in action below:

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