Easy Floor Tape Applicator | GaffGun Tape Applicator

Now you can secure your loose cables like they do in Hollywood with the GaffGun by GaffTech. The gaff tape is used in show business to secure cords, which prevents people from tripping over them. GaffGun claims that it allows you to tape 96% faster. It was created by two people who disliked gaff taping by hand. This brilliant tool is perfect for photographers and video makers to organize and secure the loosen cables and cords.

floor tape applicator

This revolutionary tape applicator applies different types floor tapes for multiple purposes. GaffGun is the easiest and most effective way to marking your warehouse, seaming a dance floor, laying double-sided carpet tape, or masking off an area. In many cases trips and falls can result in strains and sprains, back injuries, contusions and fractures. So you have to make sure that your walking and working surfaces are clear and without messy electric cables.

Automatically Tapes Down Cords To Your Floor

The funneling system of the GaffGun allows you to center and straighten the messy cords and then lay the tape over them at the same time. Manually laying floor tape is the most painful and time confusing job. And there is a high chances of a trip or fall while you tape with your hands. The GaffGun is made from the industrial-grade materials, so they are more durable and long last. You can use the GaffTech’s CoreLock tape with the GaffGun.

GaffGun Tape Applicator

This innovative floor tape applicator is the most ergonomic way to secure cable in industries, staging, theater, and also in churches. Finally, there is a better way to secure cables and no more bend on your knees to lay tape on the floor.  Check the GaffGun Tape Applicator on Amazon.com!

Watch the GaffGun Floor Tape Applicator in action down below:

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