Realistic Halloween Spider Web Decorations | Webcaster Gun

Now you can make Halloween spider web decorations at home without others help. The Webcaster Gun is a decorating weapon that that shoots out fake spider web. This gun uses pressurized air and glue sticks to make the spookify in your home. The webs comes off easily unless they are sprayed on plastic, glass, or carpet. This Webcaster Gun makes the messy Halloween spider web decorations easier then ever.

fake spider web spray

This Webcaster Gun is the professional comp webbing system developed with the home haunter in mind. It’s very easy to operate. All you have to do is, simply plugin the gun. Then insert a webcaster glue stick and allow to warm up. And plugin the air compressor the squeeze the trigger slowly. This gun is best for Halloween decorating front proches, garages, theater groups, schools, haunted house and video productions.

halloween spider web spray

The fake spider web gun delivering performance, professional results with more webbing per hour. Cobwebs are sometimes one of the most difficult and overlooked parts of Halloween decorating. But now that’s a thing of the past. Most importantly it’s easy to clean in a matter of seconds. And it’s giving movie quality cobweb effects for your upcoming Halloween party. Check the Webcaster gun on! 

Halloween Spider Web Decorations

Watch the Halloween spider web decorations | Webcaster Gun in action below:

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