These Hyper realistic masks Will Give You The Creep

This mask company makes those freakishly hyper realistic masks. The mastermind behind the Hyperflesh mask company is artist Landon Meier. They also provide fan favorite masks like Tyrion Lannister, Donald Trump, and Mike Tyson ‘Breaking Bad’ actor Bryan Cranstion even wore. Each mask is made with the 3D printer and takes hours of detailed sculpting and painting by hands. One mask take weeks to get complete.


The Heisenberg mask to comic-con. This mask displayed at the comic-con. People gets exited when the saw this ultra realistic thing.


Here is the three popular world loaders. Trump, Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin.


The crying baby ultra realistic masks are the most popular product from these company. And this must be the most creepiest too.

Watch the video down below:

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