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This LED stick figure Halloween costume will lights up the Halloween night. It is the wearable LED suit created by Glowy Zoey. Each suit includes clear attachment straps and led light set with 150 to 190 separated lights. These lighting arrangements are attached with the black pants and a hoodie, which also allows you to hold the battery pack. The light’s controller has 6 flashing modes and 6 brightness levels.

LED Stick Figure Halloween Costume by Glowy Zoey:

LED Stick Figure Halloween Costume

This suit ultimately turns you into a stick figure. Up to 190 LEDs are attached to a black suit. And they are positioned in the shape of a stick figure. This costume make it easy to spot at night. So you can easily track your kid activity in the Halloween night party. It can be s super cute and unique costume. But at the same time it also very creepiest one.

led stick figure costume

Royce Hutain came up with the idea when making a Halloween costume for his daughter. The video of his daughter in the hand made costume went viral. So he decided to make a suit for everyone who love this. These costumes are available in different sizes. Not only kids, This costume is also available for adults. This is the only Halloween costume that can turn you and your kid into a stick figure cartoons.

stick man costume

The LED lights can be detachable, So you can wash the cloth or put the LED lights on different clothes. These costumes comes with the rechargeable batteries. And that makes you and your child can glow all night. Finally, here is the brightest Halloween costume idea ever. Check the LED costume here!

Watch the LED Stick Figure Halloween Costume in action down below:

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