Best Wall Chaser Machine | Cortag Brick Wall Cutter

Embedding electric cables through your wall is a messy and damageable process. It getting even worse while your wall made of bricks. But this electric cutter easily slices through brick and embed cables safely. It’s the wall chaser machine created by Cortag. This uniquely designed machine digs 1.4 inch deep channels in your wall. So it allows you to embed electric cables or heating pipes with less effort. The debris is disposed of through an outlet pipe and keeps your working place clean.

wall chaser machine

The wall cutter is designed to open straight and curved cuts on solid brick walls or with holes, cement blocks, plastered walls or plaster. This device comes with the milling cutter in 35mm wide carbide teeth, fixed wrench, two-pin wrench and spacer ring for the cutter. The Cortag BRIC 35 wall electric cutter is ideal for opening cuts on walls that will embed hydraulic, electrical, telephone, cable tv, data network or heating pipes.

wall chaser with dust extractor

This device requires 2200 watts power to operate. And the weight of this tool is 7.5 kg. It is way much faster then the traditional method. The clean and well-finished cuts adapt the pipes perfectly. And it will reduce the  amount of material needed to fill the gaps. They designed this too to produce the least amount of dust while cutting the wall. Waste is disposed of through an outlet pipe in the equipment.

wall cutting machine

You can cut in both vertical and horizontal positions. It’s a game changing device for professional workers. Finally with less time and effort you can get clean and perfectly finished work. Check it out!

Watch the Wall Chaser Machine in action down below:

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