Extreme Car Door Edge Protector Strips | Ford Focus

Everyone will easily bang their car doors against things in tight parking areas. But now Ford have solve that issue by installing a pop-out car door edge protector strips in their car. It was a feature on 2012 Ford Focus models in Europe. It’s a spring-loaded rubber guard. That protective barrier pops out and acts like a shield for your car paint.  That protects your door and also safe for adjacent cars. It automatically pops out and retracts in fraction of seconds.

Ford has developed a neat solution to the costly dents and scratches that can occur from car doors being opened into obstacles or and even vehicles. The door edge protector is the first active system designed to provide a protective barrier for the door edge. The door edge protector remains concealed when the door is closed, but quickly springs into position as the door is opened. As well as protecting the door edge of the vehicle to which it is fitted.

The system has the added advantage of helping prevent damage to neighboring vehicle if the door is opened into them. This door edge guards will offer real convenience benefits. And potential savings on repairs to drivers who routinely have a slot their car into tight parking spaces. This door guard must be a particular relief to parents with children in the back seat.

Watch the door edge protector in action down below:

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