Conda Strap | A Flexible Camera-Carrying Strap That Turns Into a Tripod With The Switch Of a Lever!

We all love to travel and take photos to keep the memory alive. Tripods are a handy device for every photographer to take a particular shot like portraits of themself. What if you always have a tripod, without actually carrying one. ‘Conda Strap’ is a flexible and loose camera strap that turns into a stiff tripod with the flip of a switch.

However, it was invented by Stockholm, Sweden based company ‘FriiDesigns’ which is founded by Jonas and his brother Hampus Lundin. Both of them have experience in photography and engineering. Above all, the Conda Strap can adapt to any shape and supports the camera at any angle.

“We got the idea after we asked our customers what their biggest pain in photography was. There was one answer in particular that kept me up at night, “I love my tripod, but I hate bringing my tripod”. This feedback was pure gold for us!”

– Jonas Lundin

The lever of the strap lets you set three levels of stiffness such as a loose, semi, and stiff. In semi-state you can adjust the camera for a perfect angle. Once you got the angle, simply turn the lever to the stiff state to fix the camera position. Moreover, the length adjustable strap allows you to wear the camera in multiple carrying modes including neck, shoulder, and sling style.

Meanwhile, you can take steady and crystal clear shots by warping the camera around a tree, pole, or even a fence. Not only as a tripod, but you can also use it as a selfie stick or video rig. Further, the neck section of this strap made from a padded cotton blend so you can wear your camera all day long without getting a sore neck.

Further, the Conda strap comes in two different versions, Conda strap, and Conda strap plus. The plus variant is perfect for heavier cameras. But the standard variant is ideal for lighter cameras such as mirrorless, compact, and lighter DSLRs. Currently, the Coda strap is raising funds on Kickstarter. An early bird pledge of $112 will get you one.

Source: Kickstarter

Watch the Conda Strap in action

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