Rotating Bed That Allow The Elderly To Live Independently | The Rotoflex

Theraposture Limited

There are plenty of inventions in the world that helps elderly and people with limited mobility live independently. Here we will talk about one of them. Meet the rotating bed ‘Rotoflex’. It’s a remote controlled mechanical bed created by Theraposture. This uniquely designed electric bed will makes everyday tasks even more easier for our seniors.

Moreover, it allows them to get in and out of bed without caretaker. With the simple push of a button the rotoflex will shift your position from upright seated to lying. In addition, it’s precision German mechanisms makes the bed more smooth, strong and quiet. So it won’t cause any discomfort while switching position.

Rotating Bed For People With Limited Mobility

Above all, anyone can easily control the bed with a simple remote controller. It’s profiling mattress platform folds like a sofa and let the person sit straight. Then it rotate slowly to take the lying postilion. Once it done the process, it exactly looks line a normal flat mattress.

During the rotational process, the person have to hold the remote controller to operate the mechanism. The main problem faced by elderly is getting their legs into bed. Therefore, it’s unique rising heel section provides complete elevated leg support. The rotating bed can be easily set up to rotate to a particular side.

So, it will perfectly fit in variety of room situations. This specialist medical bed for elderly can easily handle up to 235 KG of weight. It priced around US$11,179 on their website. In the same vein, it will completely eliminate the expenses of everyday caregiver. Check the rotoflex on!

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