This Hiking Backpack Has a Retractable Umbrella

Now you can experience the hands-free umbrella moment by using this unique hiking backpack with retractable umbrella. Meet the ‘EZ Funshell Backpack’. It’s a creatively designed backpack with built in umbrella. You can easily access or fold down the umbrella with the push of a button. And the extremely functional and practical umbrella will protects you from sunlight or rain while you hike or camping around.

Hiking Backpack with Retractable Umbrella:

Backpack with Retractable Umbrella

This backpack and umbrella combo must be the perfect addition for your next hiking trip. You can easily fold down the umbrella while not in use without removing the backpack from your shoulder. It’s folding design provides tons of room to store your valuables and camping gears in the backpack. The umbrella backpack also has an unique compartment to place an additional fan. So you can keep yourself nice and cool on the hot sunny day.

Umbrella Hiking Backpack 

The fan will works perfectly with the 2nd Generations EZ Fun shell backpack. It uses a 18,650 lithium-ion battery and can works up to 2-6 hours depends on the rotation speed. These backpack umbrella are comes if few different colors and designs to choose from. Each and every designs are meant to represent the unique outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, kayaking. And they also have other designs for photographers, traveling, and anti-theft.

Backpack Has a Retractable Umbrella

This hiking backpack with built-in retractable umbrella was made form the 5 layered vinyl umbrella cloth. And they are completely waterproof and has 99% of UVA & UVB resistance. Finally, It’s multiple different size pockets provides maximum storage. So you can safely keep your photography gadgets, camping gadgets, hiking gears, survival gears, water bottles and almost everything. Check the EZ Fun shell backpack on!

This Backpack Has a Retractable Umbrella For Sun and Rain Protection While Hiking

Watch the Umbrella Hiking Backpack  in action down below:

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