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Now you can turn your yard into a enjoyable spa with this uniquely designed barrel sauna. The US based company called ‘Almost Heaven Saunas’ have been manufacturing this sauna for nearly 40 years. This barrel sauna comes in two, four and six person sizes and also comes in the couple of different diameters. The creative design of the barrel sauna allows the heat to rise in the sauna. So the sauna will heat efficiently and quickly.

Outdoor And Indoor Home Sauna Kit

These barrel saunas are assembled using a ball-and-socket profile, so they nest together nicely. The cradle supports creating a barrier between the ground and the wood. That allows you to place the sauna directly on the bare earth. This unique sauna was made from the high-grade softwood with smooth edges, stainless steel hardware, and thick tempered glass for the door. So this sauna is suitable for indoors and outdoors.

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These sauna will heats up to 195F with in an hour. The barrel sauna also includes bucket, sauna stones, ladle, and combination thermometer-hygrometer. Inside of the sauna they provide two benches opposing each other. So it provides comfortable room for four people to sit by facing each other. Or you can stretch out of the benches and recline with two people. It has LED lighting, and you can turn on and off the lights from inside the sauna.

Barrel Sauna

The stainless steel heater comes with the timer option. So the sauna will ready and hot when you come home from work or gym. It’s an ideal heater that heats quickly and efficiently. The solid, softwood timbers provides great insulation to the sauna to protect it from rain and snow load. Finally, this barrel sauna must be the wonderful addition to your home for relaxing with your family. Check the Almost Heaven Saunas barrel sauna on! 

Watch the Barrel Sauna in action down below:

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