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This little garage is a world’s best motorcycle storage shed. This motorcycle storage box is called the BikeBOX 24. The lockable shed is designed to protect your bike from thieves and the elements. The standard size fits one motorcycle or your bicycles. This must be one of the best motorcycle garages in the world!

This the the safest Motorcycle Storage Shed

This motorcycle box is made in Germany. ABS resin is material that used to construct the garage. The flooring is made by the special plywood. It is taken a waterproof step in phenolic resin. The oil pressured dampers allows you to easily open and close. The installation process is very simple and easy. Even a kid can open or close the garage.

This motorcycle garage is easy to install and very strong

This Motorcycle Garage looks great and perfectly fit in your back and front yard. The unique designed weather-proof material provides you protection from damages.

Watch the best Motorcycle Storage Shed in action:

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