Best Stair Aid For Elderly | Pilot Step-Up Cane

This cane helps people get up the stairs. The stair assist devices is called the Pilot Step-Up Cane. This must be the perfect stair aid for elderly. It has a flip-out platform that cuts steps in half. When the step is retracted it works like a quad cane. Weight of this cane is just 2 LB. It adjusts up to three feet tall.

 stair aid for elderly is helpful for old people

Do you or someone you love have trouble going up and down stairs? What is you could get a little help whenever you need it!. This Pilot Step-Up Cane has a flip-out platform. That cuts stair height in half. It’s easy to use for elders. All you have to do is just step on the red button and the durable platform flips out. Now you can go! Places that were formerly out of reach. And when you are ready push the blue button and the cane is back to the standard quad cane.

Pilot Step-Up Cane is helps elderly to climb the stairs.

Are there stairs stopping your loved ones from reaching their bedroom or bathroom? Now they can keep their independence longer. It even helps you get into an SUV or van. The Pilot Step-Up Cane also has an extra handle to help you up from seats or toilets. It’s like having a built-in grab bar at your fingertips. Now you or your loved one can remain self- reliant longer. Knowing you have support, safety and help when you need it.

This awesome devices to help climb stairs

The skid-resistant platform gives wide base for place your feet. You can hook the cane into the shopping cart or anything else when it not in use. The adjustable bars allows you to change the height of the cane if needed. The safety features gives more stability and confident to elders.  Check it out!

Watch the Stair Aid For Elderly in action down below:

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