Gorgeous Cosplay Hooves Shoes

Blair Ondrla of ChaosCostumes is the artist behind the fantasy-inspired footwear. The cosplay hooves shoes start out as normal stilettos. Blair sculpts the design out of clay. She mixes silicone rubber then creates a two-part resin which is put in to the new mold for good quality cosplay shoes. As is solidifies, the resin changes color. Blair attaches the heel, paints, and adds glue underneath the hooves. Leggings are connected to a Velcro strap on the hooves for a seamless illusion.


These hooves are made from the high strength resin. That permanently fixed on the heelless on pair of 4 inch shoe. Probably It will suitable for women shoe size up to 15. Not only for girls this shoes are also suitable for guys who planned for next comic con cosplay. Likewise the shoe Comes with the attached leggings. That covers your hole leg completely. They made from the high quality faux fur. Above all these interchangeable pants are comfortable to wear.  


Velcro are used to connect the leggings with the shoes. So you can customize the costume withe endless combination of leggings and hooves shoes. Also this Creature Feet Hooves gives you more grip and traction while you walk. The traction system is made from 1/4 inch deep reservoir of  EVA adhesive. So you can even run with it. Because they are more stable and roll back resistant. 


They are easy to walk, just like walking on stiletto heels. Furthermore the cosplay hooves shoes makes you 6 inches more taller without bending bending your legs. These harmless heelless wont affect your calf muscles. Finally they will gives you more comfort on the cosplay party!. Check it out!

Watch the video down below:

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