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This computer vision enabled dog poop pick up robot is called ‘Beetl’. This robotic pooper scooper is uniquely designed to hunt and dispose of your dogs waste. It provides an best dog poop service autonomously, so it doesn’t require any human interruption. This dog-poop scooping robot uses the image analysis technology to identify the poop from your garden or lawn. It’s cloud-based mechanism can easily navigate and avoid obstacles. So it provides complete dog waste removal service to keep your yard clean. 

How the ‘Beetl’ Dog Poop Pick Up Robot works:

Dog Poop Pick Up Robot

The poop scooping robot drives around your yard slowly while taking picture. And automatically upload those pictures to the cloud. The spacial recognition algorithm on the cloud easily identify the poop and relay the collected information back to the robot. Those information also includes navigation and obstacles to avoid. Once the robot identify the pile, it will navigates to the poop and collect it by using the simple lift & pick mechanism. Then the cartridge will dropped off at the in-ground compositor when it’s fill.

robotic pooper scooper

This cloud connected consumer robot will change the way we work in the years to come. You have to fix a camera on your house which is point towards your lawn. So the robot combines both cameras to get proper navigation. And it also allows you to create boundaries with the camera. So the robot wouldn’t cross your lawn’s border without using any border fence or wires. In future this robot may also have lawn-moving capabilities to completely fulfill your needs. Check the Beetl here!

Watch the robotic pooper scooper in action down below:

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