Easyturn: Get a crazy car turning circle with this suspension axle concept


Since the invention of the car, people are struggling with getting in or out of a tight parking spot. An American German automotive parts and systems manufacturing company called ZF (Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen) has come up with a strut suspension axle concept ‘Easyturn’.

However, the innovative axle system allows the passenger car to overcome the challenging situations such as tight turning circles and tight parking spots. Moreover, the front axle system offers 80 degrees of steering wheel angle. As a result, it will extremely reduce the human effort that requires for the sharp steering turns.

Once you hit 80 degrees, the front wheels look like they have been positioned horizontally. That seems a little crazy, but it is worth it if you have effortless parking maneuvers.


Further, the ZF Easytrun axle concept will be the life changer for big passenger cars and commercial vehicles that struggles with cramped inner-city traffic and can’t make an u-turn in narrow alleys.


While watching their video, the axle concept will dramatically reduce the vehicle’s turning radius up to 3 times or more. So, taking u-turns on a narrow street or in a traffic jam is almost effortless. Finally, they provided very few details about the Easyturn.


There is no such information about the production and manufacturing of Easyturn. The ZF Group has almost 157,500 employees worldwide and has 188 production locations in 31 countries, If they decided to bring this crazy idea to life that would be awesome.

Source: ZF Friedrichshafen

Watch the Easyturn in action

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