Best Electric Pruning Shears For Trees & Gardening

Now you can prune trees at lightning speeds with this battery powered electric pruning shears. The ‘Powercoup PW2’ was created by the company called ‘Infaco’. It makes your yard works and gardening works easier than ever before. You can use the telescopic pole to cut hard to reach branches. The Infaco Pruning Shear set allows you to prune faster then the traditional hand pruning tools.  This tool is perfect for backyard gardening lovers.

Electric Pruning Shears :

Electric Pruning Shears

This tool gets power from the 120Wh LITHIUM rechargeable battery. So, no need to carry an extra cords or extension power outlet while using it. The hole package of this tool comes with everything you need to prune a tree like a pro. This electric pruning shears helps you to get your job done faster. And this gardening tool saves your valuable time by increasing the productivity by up to 25%. The battery takes 90 minutes to get fully charged and will last up to 9 hours depending up on the usage.

Electric Pruning Shears For Trees

You can also use an additional attachments like interchangeable heads and extension poles to increase it’s performance and usage. The Infaco pruning shear set comes with a  charger, battery, battery-carrying vest, cables and sharpening stone. And also comes with cable and 1 glove for your safety. If you don’t want to wear a battery-carrying vest, then simply put the battery directly into your pocket and go. Check the Infaco Pruning Shear Set here!

Watch the Electric Pruning Shears in action down below:

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