Robotic Solar Powered Pool Skimmer Cleaner

This robotic solar powered pool skimmer cleaner will automatically cleans your pool for you. The ‘Solar Breeze NX2’ scoops leaves and other debris floating on the swimming pool’s surface. And it collects them quickly before they sinks and decays. All you have to do is, simply place the device on the water and turn it on. Then the Solar Breeze robot pool cleaner dose the job for you. This uniquely designed autonomous robot ultimately saves your time and money.

Robotic Solar Powered Pool Skimmer Cleaner:

Solar Breeze NX2

Once the robot have finished it’s job, just take it out and empty the debris collection. This pool surface cleaner skimmer powered by solar energy and can run all day. It also comes with a rechargeable 5300 mAh 7.4V lithium ion battery to store energy and use it on night time. It uses a powerful motor to roam around your pool which have a 30,000 hours of lifetime. The pool shimmer has a dispenser tray for 2 chlorine tablets for disbursement.

Robotic Solar Powered Pool Skimmer Cleaner

Unlike normal skimmer basket, it’s debris collection tray have more space to hold leaves, cotton, dust, pollen, and even sun lotion oils. The rear paddle wheel is used to move forward and the front paddle wheel is used to scoop the debris into a collection tray. This robot have two different mechanism for navigation. The inbuilt sensors help it detect when it’s no longer making progress. And when it hits the pool’s edge, the front bumper wheels will redirect the robot to clean the entire pool.

Solar Powered Pool Skimmer

The Solar Breeze NX2 measures 23 inches in length, 20 inches in width, 6 inches in thickness and the weight of the device is 10 lbs when dry. To empty and clean the Solar Breeze, simply slide the switch to the off position. Then remove the tray where the debris have collected and empty it into an appropriate trash receptacle. It also helps to keep your pool chemicals in balance by distributing chlorine while it operates. Check the Solar Breeze on!

Watch the Solar Powered Pool Skimmer in action:

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