Best Multi-functional & Expandable Wooden Table | Transformer Table 3.0

This unique multi-functional table is the most advanced six in one dining table. It’s called the ‘Transformer Table 3.0’. This expandable wooden table allows you to stretch it from 18 inches to 10 feet. And also provides a comfortable seating area for 12 of your guests. It’s six different lengths easily adapts to your everyday needs. The lightweight and the compact design of this space saving table is easily movable and configurable no-matter how big is your living space.

Expandable Wooden Table | Transformer Table 3.0:

Expandable Wooden Table

The Transformer Table 3.0 expands to accommodate a lots of people and slims down to a console size. So this convertible table is perfect for people who love minimalist living. Once fully extended, it can easily holds up to 750 pounds. So no-more worrying about the extra guests on your upcoming thanksgiving dinner. This expandable table kit comes with the transformer table, transformer bench, the coffee table, transformer counter height and a stackable chairs.

Transformer Table 3.0

The transformer bench expands all the way up to 11 feet and seats up to 6 people. The bench also acts as a storage box. It’s integrated storage space allows you to store the unused panels. When the table is in console mode, you can store all the unused table panels inside the coffee table. Not only as a coffee table, you can also use it as a storage space or as an adjustable shelving unit.

Best Multi-functional & Expandable Wooden Table

The table and bench combo is completely waterproof and heatproof. Transformer Table is a Canada based company and the have also created the transformer table 2.0 previously. These transformer table collections are made from the hardwood material. And comes in five different wood finishes such as american mahogany, Siberian birch, Canadian dark oak, Australian acacia and arctic white. Finally, this expandable dining table will change your thoughts about minimalist living. Check the Transformer Table 3.0 on!

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