Smart Coffee Table With Refrigerator | Coosno

This smart coffee table with refrigerator is called ‘Coosno’. It’s a futuristic and intelligent coffee table that is google assistant enabled. The redefined coffee table also features LED tabletop, Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging system, voice control and more. So that you can play music off your phone while charging your device. An unique mobile app allows you to control the ‘Coosno’ with your smartphone. It’s built-in fridge that can holds up to 68 cans of drinks. So no-more leaving the couch and walk to the fridge every time you want a ice cold beverage. 

Smart Coffee Table With Refrigerator | Coosno :


Coosno’s sleek minimalist design fits perfectly in your living room, bed room, home theaters, man caves, or office lobby. The voice control system assigned with google home. So you can simply tell google to do whatever you want while holding your drink. The stereo system with six speakers offers an amazing Hi-Fi experience wherever you keep the coosno. This smart table have the built-in wireless charging chip that always keep your phone and smart device charged. You can also customize the lighting effect for all kinds of scenarios.

Smart Coffee Table With Refrigerator

You can easily adjust the cooling temperature of the fridge from 33.8℉ to 44.6℉. The pop-up refrigerator has plenty of room for your favorite juice, snacks, goodies, and wine. With your simple voice instruction, you can easily pop-up or wind down the cooler. It’s aurora LED tabletop and nightlight have 160,000 different colors. And they shine in perfect synchronicity to the rhythm of your favorite song. It’s mobile app will be available for both apple and android devices. This table also comes with a built-in drawers to store all your magazines and snacks. Finally, this smart coffee table with party bar and sound system takes your social life and house to the next level. Check the Coosno on!

Watch the Coosno table in action down below:

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