This Fingerprint Smart Lock Is Minimalist in its Design | FIDO

This fingerprint smart lock has 4 different secure unlock methods. It’s called the ‘FIDO’ simplistic and minimalist smart home door lock. This key less door lock system designed by a Red Dot design award winning team. And it works on the fingerprint technology. It recognizes if someone opens the door based on the rotation angle of the handle. And automatically locks the door to prevent anyone else from getting in after you have entered. It also has four different unlock options such as smartphone APP, fingerprint, Bluetooth and via an inducted access card.

Fingerprint Smart Lock For Home | FIDO:

 Fingerprint Smart Lock

The FIDO fingerprint front door lock have an alarm system and also notify you via smartphone app if someone tries to open the door without your permission. You can also share the unlocking authority with different users and family members on the app. This fingerprint smart lock records the door opening data and send it to you. So you can easily track the door opening and get an accurate information suck as who opens the door and when it happens. Simplistic and minimalist of its engineered design allows you to easily install the device in both left and right hand direction.

 Fingerprint Smart Lock Is Minimalist in its Design | FIDO

This unique door lock also comes with a dime sized door card for children and elderly propel. It uses two triple-A batteries and they lasts up to 365 Days. The FIDO smart lock is perfect for families with kids, Airbnb hosts, land lords and renters. Unlike other ordinary smart locks, It’s completely water proof, Unbreakable and hack proof Lock. So you can also use this smart lock on open air facing doors such as back yard, shed, and storage facilities. It perfectly fits on any US standard doors with thickness between 33 mm to 55 mm. Finally, this smart door locks exactly like an ordinary door handle. Check the FIDO smart door lock on!

Watch the Fingerprint Smart Lock FIDO in action down below:

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