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This multi functional phone charger is comes with a hidden security camera. This unique USB charger spy camera is called ‘HD Mask Noir’. This phone charger camera record videos in 1080p resolution and directly sent them to your mobile device. Unlike other expensive, bulky security cameras, it doesn’t require any installation or maintenance. All you have to do is, simply plug it in and connect to WiFi using the ‘HD Noir’ smartphone app. And none will notice that there is a security camera.

Bset USB Charger Spy Camera:

Phone Charger Security Camera

All the recorded footage are securely stored in the cloud. And it allows you to wirelessly view live feeds, past footage from your phone, tablet or PC no matter where you are. It’s 75˚ wide-angle lens allows the spy camera to capture all the action in nearly any room such as large dining rooms, conference rooms, or waiting rooms. Not only video, the NOIR camera also record an HD audio along with the footage. If you want to monitor each room of your house, then simply use the HD Mask app to view and customize all of your cameras in single mobile device.

NOIR: Discreet Security Camera and USB Charger

It also comes with the Micro SD slot in the back and compatible with cards up to 64 GB. It’s military-grade motion detection sensors instantly triggers the camera to record when it detects any motion. This  phone charger camera also have night vision system to see clearly in a wide range in dim light conditions. It’s fully functional USB charger effectively charge your phone or tablet while discretely high quality video and audio. The USB charger spy camera also features adjustable sensitivity settings, continuous loop recording and timer. Finally, you can track what’s happening at home in real time from anywhere on the world. Check the HD Mask Noir security camera on!

Watch the Phone Charger Security Camera in action down below:

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