Extreme Hoverboard Seat Attachment | Hoverseat

This hoverboard seat attachment connects to your hoverboard to convert it into a sitting scooter. This is a new and like a boss way to ride a Hoverboard. The ‘Hoverseat’ is a metal frame that lets you add a seat to your hoverboard. So you can ride a hoverboard while sitting down. Hoverseat can handle up to 250 lb of weight. The frame can perfectly fit for any kind of folding chair. The frame comes with big wheels on the back of it for a smooth ride.

Hoverboard Seat Attachment

They uniquely designed the hoverseat to solve the problem typically associated with hoverboards. It will transfer your hoverboard into a new, fun and safe mode transport that virtually anybody can drive. As well as it’s very east to steer and operate. The hoverseat is made from the lightweight aluminum. It measures 30 inches wide by 37 inches in width and weights just under 10 pounds. You can attach another hoverseat for your second passenger.

Hoverboard Seat Attachment

The hoverseat is smooth, adaptable and extremely useful for multiple tasks like tow a cooler, kayak, and even a paddle boats. It’s easy to install on a hoverboard with a six inch or ten inch wheel base. And allows you to use any beach chair. It’s easy to store into the backside of your car. You have to place your feet on the hoverboard’s feet grips to steer and operate it around. Check the Hoverseat on Amazon.com!


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