Best Dog Steps For SUV | Heininger Twistep

This is a portable dog steps for SUV. These pet steps helps your dog get into your car. It’s called the Twistep created by Heininger. It comes in different sizes. Getting in to an SUV can be ruff while you prepare for a outdoor trip with your furry friend. The PortablePET Twistep Dog Hitch Step is a uniquely designed dog ramp for suv, that attaches perfectly to the hitch on your truck. The interesting part of the step is, you can simply twist and tuck the step under your vehicle while it’s not in use.

dog ramp for suv

So you have no need to attach and remove every time your dog wants to get in your car. There are two versions of dog steps are available. One of which is designed for trucks with tailgates and another one is designed for ordinary cars and SUVs. The larger version will stretched outside of your truck’s tailgate while it is open. It comes with an anti-slip surface on the top. So your dog will gets a better grip while jumping on it.

dog steps for car

Not only for dogs, anyone can use this Twistep to reach the roof of your cat for stowing more luggage. Is your dog getting older and or unable to reach the height of your SUV? Then this hitch up pet step is perfect for you. The Heininger Twistep perfectly fits into the 1.25 – 2 inch hitch receivers. And the adjustable height allows you to change up to 6 inches. Check the Heininger on!

Watch the Dog Steps For SUV in action down below:

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