Best Inflatable Bull Riding Pool Toy | Inflat a Bull

This rodeo pool toy tests your bull-riding skills. This inflatable bull riding pool toy is called ‘Inflat-a-bull’ by Intex. It must be a hottest pool toy for this summer. All you have to do is, simply mount the inflatable bull and try to stay on as long as possible. It was uniquely designed for water. So you can enjoy your pool party or improve your cowboy skills on pool, river, lake or even on the beach. It is perfect for kids aged 9 and up and also perfect for adults to enjoy the pool party on this summer.

Inflatable Bull Riding Pool Toy | Inflat a Bull:

Inflatable Bull Riding Pool Toy

While you sitting on the giant blow-up bull, your friends will try to get you to fall off by rocking the outer tube of the bull. If you stay on the bull as long as you can, then you will be the winner. They uses the photo-realistic printing technology to create the inflatable bull. So it extremely looks like a real mechanical bull at the bar. This massive bull riding pool toy  made from the 17.5 gauge vinyl.

Inflat a Bull

This inflatable rodeo pool float toy measures 94 inches in length, 77 inches in width and 31 inches in height when it is in fully inflate position. It’s unique design and the thick rubber material can handles much higher weight limits. Unlike other pool floats, this bull pool toy comes with three different air chambers to inflate. Finally, the combination of an inflatable tube as well as an inflatable bull will endless hours of fun on this summer. Check the Inflat a Bull on!

Watch the rodeo pool toy in action down below:

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