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This motorized pool float lets you move freely on your swimming pool. This motorizes inflatable pool lounger is called ‘Splash Runner’ and created by PoolCandy. It’s dual motors allows you to move around the pool to get a new drink. So no-more rowing with your arms and legs to reach the edge of the pool. The inflatable pool float can comfortable holds up to 300lbs of weight. And it will take your summer lounging to the next level.

Powerful Motorized Pool Float:

Pool Candy Motorized Pool Lounger

The each armrest have a joystick like controller which controls the speed and direction of the motor on the bottom of the lounger. You can use the joystick to move forward, turn on both sides, rotate and even move backward. Not only for pools, you can also enjoy this summer with the motorized lounger on lake or river. And you can feel the complete freedom of motion with the two 66 watt and  360-degrees rotatable motors.


Anyone can easily setup the float and install the motors. All you have to do is, simply inflate the lounger with ans ordinary air pump. Then fix the motors on the armrest. These floats are made from the heavy-duty PVC vinyl. So it’s durability features can hands up to 300 lbs. The motorized pool float powered by 6 D battery on each motors. It also comes with a backrest and cup holders. Finally, you can roam around your summing pool with a push of a button. Check the PoolCandy on!

Watch the Motorized Pool Float in action down below:

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