Extreme Inflatable Speed Boat | 6 Person Floating Island

This inflatable speed boat looks exactly like you actually own a bay breeze boat. This inflatable boat party island have seat for 6 people. But it have enough room for more then 8 to 10 people to enjoy the summer party.  It comes with the circular seating arrangement and an additional seating area on the front for another 2 to 3 people like a real party boat. It must be the great way to lounge on the river or lake with more then 6 people.

6 Person Inflatable Speed Boat Floating Island:

6 Person Inflatable Speed Boat Floating Island

It also features inflatable windshield, entrance ramp, 6 built-in cup holders, and cooler that helps you to keep your drinks ice cold. This massive life-size inflatable speed party boat measures 20 feet in length, 10 feet width and 3 feet in height. It weighs just 62 lbs while not in use. The inflatable boat island have a capability to hold up to 1,300 lbs of weight. So it can easily carry 9 to 10 people.

Inflatable Speed Boat

You can use oars to propel the inflatable boat to move around on the river or lake. Now you won’t need more money to buy your own boat. All you have to do is, simply inflate this speed boat floating island and fulfill your dream. This inflatable life-size version of a speed boat looks exactly like a real party boat. So you can grab everyone’s attention from the lakeside on in the beach. Check the Floating Boat Island on Amazon.com!

Watch the Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat in action down below:

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