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This interactive ride on horse toy will fulfill your kid’s dream. This adorable pony scooter have a lifelike interactive activities which makes your kids happy. The battery powered ride on toy comes with the fully motorized eyes, ears, head and wheels. They called this robotic animal as ‘Rideamals’. And it have many modes and options to play with your kids. With over 100 game sounds and movements, the fun will continues until your kids get sleepy.

ride on horse toy

It allows your kids to feed the tasty toy treat, take for a walk, brushing it’s hair, go for a ride or dance along with the pony to a favorite tune. This ride on horse toy is easy to assemble and comes with a 12 volt rechargeable battery and charger. The direct connect one step charging system makes charging easy ans simple. The Rideamals also comes with a toy grooming brush, carrots, apple and saddlebag.

Rideamals: An Interactive Ride-On Pony Scooter

The color of the shoulder light will indicates the pony’s mode. When the button is in purple then it shows the pony is in play mode. So your kids can feed, brush or dance with the pony. If the button will turn blue then simply flip the reins in-front of the head. That means, it’s time for a walk. The green one indicates the pony is ready to ride. And you have to recharge the robotic pony when the light is blinking.

ride on pony scooter

The speed switch on the reins allows you to choose the speed and riding direction. This pony scooter has a weight limit of 70 lbs, and it’s perfect for kids aged 3 and up. The rubber traction strip on the tire makes the ride smooth and easy. This horse scooter toy can move up to 3.5 mph in both forward and backward directions. Finally, this toy will create childhood memories that last a lifetime. Check the Rideamals pony scooter here!

Watch the Interactive Ride On Horse Toy in action:

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