Extreme Car Wash For Humans | Shower for Elderly and Disabled

If you ever want to go through the car wash machine without a car, then this car wash for humans will fulfill your wish. This extreme human washing machine is called the ‘Human Wash’ by Sakani OY. It was originally made for the elderly or handicapped people. But it can also be used at gyms for sore athletes. This human wash allows the aged people to shower by themselves, without needing the help of others.

Car Wash For Humans

It also has a stop button on the bottom for emergencies. So the elderly and people with limited mobility can bath safely. You can easily install this bathing machine in homes for elderly people, hospitals, gyms, nursing homes, private houses, and swimming pools. It also comes with the timer in the control box. So the machine will stop after every 10 minutes of use. The spinning and movement of the scrubber is similar to an actual car wash.

Human Wash Machine

The moving scrubbers would help them to wash themselves without any major physical activities. And it has the stop button at the bottom plate. That can be easily accessible with your hand or foot to stop the machine for an emergency purpose. The installation process of this Human Wash is very simple and easy. All you have to do is, simply fix it next to an existing shower, and connect it to the shower head.

human washing machine

The easy to use controllers allows you to move the scrubber up , down or hold it in place. And you can adjust the water temperate and pressure using your normal shower controls. Finally, Elderly people can enjoy their shower time without others help. Check the Human Wash here!

Watch the Car Wash For Humans in action down below:


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