Jumping Robot: A robot that jumps almost 100 feet in the air

Source: Elliot Hawkes / Nature

This Jumping robot is the future invention of technology that explores the surface of extraterrestrial planets. Scientists from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the Disney Research team from Pasadena have invented this jumping robot that can leap up to 30 meters in height in a single jump.

Also, they have published a research paper named ‘Engineered jumpers overcome biological limits via work multiplication’ in Nature. However, they say that this springy robot’s leaping distance is the highest of any robot, including biological jumpers.

Here, a biological jumper means all other living creatures that have jumping abilities. That includes fleas, jumping spiders, grasshoppers, tree frogs, Red Kangaroos, and more. Moreover, the species are similar in that they use their muscles to leap or jump.

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Source: Elliot Hawkes / Nature

The muscles function as a linear motor, generating energy with just a single stroke. On the other hand, this engineered jumping device has rubbers and motors. The rotary motors can repeat the strokes to generate more power through their rotational movements.

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Source: Elliot Hawkes / Nature

That is why the jumping robot can travel much further than any other leaping animal or Insect. Engineering professor Elliot Hawkes from UC Santa Barbara and collaborators believes that this robot could be useful for space exploration.

If so, the robot can reach even greater height distances on the moon or Mars because of the lower gravity than on Earth. Get more details about this research paper in the journal Nature.

Source: UCSB, Nature

Watch the jumping robot in action

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