LifeGlider | Hands-Free Mobility Assistance Devices For Elderly And Disabled

This hands-free mobility walker never falls. Meet the LifeGlider, a independent mobility assistance devices for elderly and disabled people. It has a seat and belt to secure yourself to is. So it allows you to walk upright and hands-free without the fear of falling. This walking aid is made for people who can’t balance on their own. This creative mobility device engineered to have it’s own center of gravity.

LifeGlider Mobility Assistance Devices

The biggest problem especially with our elderly population is the fear of falling. And if someone has a fear of falling they cannot do the tasks that they normally would do in the way that they would normally do them, because they are fearful. The LifeGlider provides a security that makes you feel like “I’m not going to fall”. And you can walk independently without having to concentrate so hard on taking a step.

LifeGlider walking aids

This hands-free mobility assistance devices perfectly fits on a person wit 5 ft. and 6 ft. – 4 inches of height. It can holds up to 250 pounds including items held in in bags or hands. Not only as a walking aid, the LifeGlider also used on rehabilitation or physical therapy program. This walker perfectly works on ideal surface which is dry, flat, smooth and free of obstacles. The strong and durable steel construction weights approximately 15 lbs.

walking assistance devices for elderly

The adjustable legs allows you to increase or reduce the height depends upon your comfort. It’s smooth rolling wheels works incredibly on both indoors or outdoors. If you want to stand in static place then simply lock the wheels in right or left side position. You can also easily fold the mobility wanker for easy transportation or storage. Finally, unlike a traditional walker it allows you to enjoy walking without using your hands. Check the LifeGlider here!

Watch the Hands-Free Mobility Assistance Devices in action down below:

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