Awesome Wall Mounted Cat Bed With Bubble Window

This floating wall mounted cat bed allows your cat to enjoy the beautiful view of your house through the bubble window. The MYZOO Spaceship Gamma’s unique design provides great comfort and the best place for your cats to relax in the house. The unique circular shaped design gives futuristic look to your house. Those massive bubble shaped glass window gives a view of everything going on in the living room.

Bubble Window Wall-Mounted Cat Bed

So your cat can keep tracking your activities while you watch TV, cook, or pet the dog from their comfort zone. The MyZoo spaceship gamma comes with the giant hole on the side. So your can can get in and out easily through the circular shaped hole. It also have 4 ventilation holes on the opposite side of the larger opening. These holes can also protect your cats from the echo from the surrounded space.

floating window cat bed

This wall mounted cat bed made from the wood. And also comes in a few different styles wood finishes like walnut, oak, and light brown. You can also choose the position of the entrance hole depends up on your rooms arrangement. The bubble window is made from the highly transparent acrylic. The strong circular shaped construction can holds up to 33 lbs of weight. The cat bed measures 16.5 inches in diameter x 25.6 inches long. Finally, the 8.6 inches diameter opening hole gives enough room for your fat cat to easily get in. Check the MYZOO Spaceship Gamma cat bed on!

Watch the Wall Mounted Cat Bed With Bubble Window in action down below:

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