Magic Creeper | This Car Creeper Mat Replaces Mechanics Creeper

This mat will slide you under your car. It’s called the Magic Creeper. The portable mat consists of two layers. The inner layer acts like millions of tiny ball bearings. It allows you to work on virtually any surface. The Magic Creeper is easy to use, simple to store, and maintenance-free. And it’s the perfect time to replace your mechanics creeper.

The magic creeper will make your work simpler with zero ground clearance. It will not damage the expensive floor finishes on your shop floor. And works just as well on rough or uneven surfaces. The patent-pending multi-layer construction of this creeper is high-strength, waterproof, and puncture resistant. This mat is ultra lightweight and it is only thee pounds. It’s easily store and maintenance-free. You can take it with you wherever you go.

You can easily use this on any critical situation . Take it out of the bag and your Magic Creeper comes rolled and ready for use. Just unroll it on the surface you plan to slide on. Sit down near the edge this will maximize your sliding distance. Then start sliding under and out as needed. When you are done, roll it back up, reapply the elastic straps. and store it somewhere convenient for next time.

If you properly use this creeper, It will gives you four to five feet travel lengthwise. And a couple feet from side to side. It slides on any surface from pavement to gravel, grass to mulch, and even the obstacles in your shop. The padded high friction exterior with a low-friction interior combines to produce a super-efficient surface for sliding on. The Magic Creeper has the lowest height of any creeper available getting you into otherwise inaccessible places. The oil, grease, and water resistance technology allows you to can easily. Check it out!

Watch the video down below:

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