Pick-Up Pool | This pool liner turns your pickup truck into a pool

Now you can turn your truck into a pool. It’s called the ‘Pick-Up Pool’. It was invented by an Army vet and is made in the USA. The vinyl lining covers the truck edges and sides. If you want to drain, Just unscrew the valve. This truck bed liner creates a quick fun pool. It installs easily into your truck bed for a functional above ground pool. It comes in small and regular truck bed size. And it’s perfect for your next outdoor party.

This pool liner awesomely turns your pickup truck in to a pool. The PVC material stretches to fit the bed of your truck. All you have to do is just fill the bed up with the water. Then play and enjoy your outdoor trip. Pick-Up Pool is completely safe for your truck. It folds over the edge so it won’t ruin the paint. That comes with the builtin draining system. You can remove the water from your truck easily.

This fun pool is perfect for your tailgating and camping trips. It available in two sizes. They are 5.5-foot short box, and 6.5-foot standard box. The vinyl pool liner will gives you the feeling of a genuine pool. It gives you a quick and easy pool. And designed to install directly into your truck. This liner is made from thick 30 mil vinyl. It’s time to throw out those tacky plastic tarp and rope setups.

This model perfectly fits to your truck’s bed making it the perfect portable party accessory. Pick-up pool makes creating a pool in the bed of a truck super easy. If you are just looking to upgrade your outdoor trip, this is the tool for you. Make your driveway tasty by changing your ride into a genuine recreational vehicle with the truck bed swimming pool. Check the pickup truck pool on Amazon.com!

Watch the video down below:

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