MOFT | Invisible & Adjustable Laptop Stand For Desk

This adjustable laptop stand is basically invisible. It’s called the ‘MOFT’ and it’s the lightest adhesive laptop stand for desk. Everyone know laptops are great for working on the go, but the low screen position and fixed keyboard can causes issues like neck and shoulder pain and bad posture. Laptop stands can solve these issues, but laptop stands are traditional bulky and difficult to carry.

MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand

That’s where MOFT comes in. All you have to do is, simply stick it to the bottom of your laptop and you have a portable laptop stand that holds 18 lb of weight. It’s only 3 mm thick,  and can hold laptops up to 15.6 inches. It uses magnets, So it can unfold super quickly and is super stable on the flat surface it’s on. This computer accessory is practically invisible but still comforts your neck and shoulders anywhere you work.

Adjustable Laptop Stand For Desk

With two elevation adjustment it optimizes your sitting posture, reducing neck pain and soothing your wrists when typing. The unique material and triangular structure makes it capable of holding up to 18 pounds. Simply fold it when you need and unfold it when you on the go. So no need to carry around anything extra on your bag. Finally, here is the invisible and reliable laptop stand for your ergonomic comfort. Check the MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand on!

Watch the MOFT Invisible & Adjustable Laptop Stand in action down below:


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