Best Non-Electric Automatic Gate | Powered By The Weight Of a Car | Oz Autogate

This non-electric automatic gate opens with the weight of your car. The ‘Oz Autogate’ was created by the Australia based company called ‘Shelbourne Trading’. It doesn’t require any electricity to open vertically. This auto barrier gate works for almost any kind of vehicles ranging from tractors to dump trucks. It also available in two different sizes, the small one measures 12 ft and the large one measures 14 ft.  And they will perfectly fit on any standard rural gate openings.

Non-Electric Automatic Gate | Powered By The Weight Of a Car :

Non-Electric Automatic Gate

There are two different variants are available. They are called ‘Standard Autogate’ and ‘Deluxe Autogate’. The standard farm auto gates are specially designed to provide easy access to rural properties. So this highly functional and practical gates must be the perfect alternative to cattle grids, solar powered gates and electric gates. Unlike other ordinary electric gates, the OzAutogate doesn’t require any high maintenance. And they ultimately saves your both money and time when compared to traditional gates.

Gate Powered By The Weight Of a Car Oz Autogate

The deluxe autogate variant is comes in few different colors. And it have the 30mm Powder coated RHS Frame. These gates are completely safe and secure for livestock. You can able to open this door with all types of vehicles including trailers. All you have to do is, simply drive your vehicle through the gate lifting ramp, then the gate starts to open. Once it completely open, the gate stays at vertical position for 7 seconds. After the weight has left the ramps and closes slowly within 20 seconds. So it wont’s injure anyone caught under the gate. Check the Oz Autogate here!

Watch the Non-Electric Automatic Gate in action down below:

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