Equilibric | Best Multifunctional Kitchen Colander Strainer

This balancing kitchen colander strainer saves water and prevents your food from spilling. It’s the ‘Equilibric multifunctional balancing bowl. It tilts to rinse out your food without dropping anything into the sink. This self-balancing strainer comes in three different shapes for different food. They claims it saves 3,600 litters of water per year. Because it’s multifunctional design reduces the amount of water needed to wash fruits and vegetables by 60%.

Equilibric is a Multifunctional Kitchen Colander Strainer:

Multifunctional Kitchen Colander Strainer:

Not only as strainer, this 3 in 1 colander also acting as a serving dish and a defrosting bowl. It’s very frustrating when your freshly cleaned vegetables and fruits fall into the dirty sink after you have rinse them. So it’s ergonomic design keeps the vegetables upright and safe as the water bowl drains the dirty water away. And it’s washing machine like motion helps remove 90% of the dirt and bacteria from your foods.


This unique colander also serves as a great serving dish for you. Simply drain the excess water from your vegetables and serve your fruits and vegetables or salads in the same dish. You can easily defrosting your meat, chicken, and shrimps. It also have some great functional advantages like low water consumption, hasten washing process, proper rinse and wash and no leaks and water pools. Finally, no-more dealing with water puddles again. Check the Multifunctional Kitchen Colander on Kickstarter.com!

Watch the Equilibric Kitchen Colander Strainer in action down below:


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