10 New Camping Gear Inventions & Gadgets To Enhance Your Outdoor Experience

Summer is the perfect season to live with nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you are hiking, fishing, camping, or simply staying in a tent into the woods, there are some interesting camping gear inventions to make your adventure goes smoothly. Are you planning your next outdoor adventure after this in-home quarantine? Lucky for you, I have listed some new camping gear & gadgets so you can enjoy every moment.

Portable Folding Fire Pit & Grill

The Firekorf is the most portable and rollable fire pit designed for modern “camp anywhere” culture. Not only as a fire pit, but it can also be used as a grill and roasting spit for cooking outdoors. However, its 304 stainless steel material makes it more durable and light in weight. Moreover, the wire mesh bag makes the fire burn better because of more oxygen. The Firekorf starts at €70 ($75.65) on kickstarter.com!

Solar-Powered Multi-Use Water Purifier

The GoSun Flow is a solar-powered water purifier that doubles as a sink and triples as a shower. It’s USB powered pump deliver the water wherever you need. However, it comes with a 3-stage filter, USB pump, power bank, and hoses. If you want to use it as a sink or shower, then simply set up the flexible faucet and folding sink to get the water wherever the day demands. The GoSun Flow starts at $149 on Indiegogo.com!

Key-Shaped Multitool

Multitools come in all shapes and sizes. But the ‘MultiKey’ has a unique identification on its design. This mighty grade 5 titanium tool looks exactly like a key. So it’s completely compact and you can always carry on with your keychain. However, this multitool can be used as a nail puller, box cutter, star bit wrench, bike spoke wrench, 3-cm ruler, multi-bit driver, universal drill guide, rope cutter, slotted head screwdriver, and, of course, a bottle opener. The MultiKey starts at $35 on Kickstarter.com!

Expandable Cylinder Shaped Stove

The Snow Peak’s home & camp stove is a uniquely engineered & compact single burner stove that looks like a vacuum insulated bottle. Once you reach the campsite, simply swing open the cylinder to reveal the folded stove. However, it uses the 8-oz butane cartridge to generate 8,000 BTU of output. In addition, it weighs only 1.4 kg and occupies a small amount of space in your backpack. The home & camp stove retails for $109.95 on Snowpeak.com!

Hammock Tree Tent

The Aerial A1 is a hammock tent from Opeongo that allow the campers to sleep above the ground. However, its equipped with all other features that a traditional tent has. With Aerial A1 you can able to camp over uneven surfaces like rocks, roots, and even rivers. Moreover, it’s flat sleeping surface allows you to sleep in any position you want. The Aerial A1 starts at Early US$299 on Kickstarter.com!

Futuristic Portable Power Station

Monster X is the most compact and powerful power station for camping. It uses 3C high-rate lithium-ion batteries that are powerful enough to provide 2,000W of power output. As a result, all of your devices will stay powered for hours. However, this portable power station can able power anything such as electric saw, laptop, refrigerator, or even a Tesla electric car. Monster X starts at $769 on Indiegogo.com!

Kribi Long-Wear Underwear

The Kribi long-wear underwear is made from HercFiber material which fights against bacteria. So you can wear these underwear for weeks without any smell. Unlike cotton and other fabrics, the HercFibe material contains bamboo, eucalyptus, beechwood, and copper fibers which makes it completely anti-infection & antibacterial. The Kribi underwear starts at $39 on Indiegogo.com!

Inflatable Sleeping Bag

 The AirBags is an inflatable sleeping bag that particularly designed to support all of your main pressure points. So, no-more struggling to sleep on the uneven hard surfaces. However, its made of highest-quality, sustainable materials and features a built-in air mattress. The air AirBag 1.0 retails for $89.00 on Inflatablesleepingbag.com!

Camping Pot Gripper

The Handled is a camping pot gripper that doubles as a tool to puncture gas canisters for safe recycling. The fuel canisters are the compact energy source for any campsite cooking, but it’s necessary to release the excess pressurized and flammable fuel before recycling the container. However, the handle will connect to the canister’s valve to puncture a series of holes in the can wall. The Handled starts at $11 on Kickstarter.com!

Upright or Upside Down Lighter

Unlike other ordinary pocket lighters, the Dissim doesn’t burn your thumb while you fire it up upside down. The unique and ergonomic design of the Dissim rises the flame away from your hand. However, you can easily adjust the flame height and refill the lighter with butane. Above all, it’s unique circle grip allows you to operate the lighter with only two fingers. The DISSIM inverted lighter starts at $24 on Kickstarter.com!

Camping Gear Inventions

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