Noonee Chairless Chair | Wearable Chair For Workers Who Stand All Day

Now you can take a sit-down break while still working. This wearable chair is called the ‘Noonee Chairless Chair’. It’s designed to relieve workers who experience physical strain from standing long hours. A set of straps throughout the chair keep it in place while you work. You can lock the legs of the chair in place with a simple switch. And it automatically adjusts to all body types immediately when the user squats into a siting position.

Noonee Chairless Chair

The Noonee chairless chair is a ergonomic sitting support for your workplace. It allows the user to switch freely and flexibly between the standing, walking, or sitting position. This wearable chair is mainly designed for industries where employees have to work in the standing or even bend-over position. The device is easily adjustable to a body height of between 1.6 meter to 1.95. And it can easily support body weight up to 130 kilograms.

Wearable Chair For Workers Who Stand All Day

Due to it’s adjustability, the chairless chair can be used by different workers and on multiple type of workstations. All the parts and components of these chair is replaceable and washable. So it allows every workers to modify the wearable chair depends on their comfort. You can easily adjust the wearable elements to fix with your body size. Also the sitting height of this chair is extremely adjustable. So you can change the sitting height depends upon the workstation. Check the Wearable Chair here!

Watch the Noonee Chairless Chair in action down below:

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