PopEEZE | Popcorn Ceiling Scraper With Vacuum Attachment

Do you want to remove the popcorn texture from your ceiling, but don’t wand to stand on a ladder all day and then deal with a messy clean up, or don’t want to hold up bags that block the view of where you are scraping and yet heavier as you go. Then this PopEEZE popcorn ceiling scraper is perfect for you. This vacuum attachment with ceiling scraper will removes your popcorn ceiling. It attaches to a shop vac, then scraps away the textured ceiling. The funnel collects and sucks away the debris.

popcorn ceiling scraper

All you have to do is, simply connect the funnel to the shop vacuum and your debris is now being vacuumed as you scrape. PopEEZE allows you to scrape from the floor with the help of the threaded pole. It’s patent-pending blade is designed to remove texture efficiently and funnel debris into your vacuum. So it will save your valuable cleanup time. Because conventional scraping methods are messy and time consuming.

popcorn ceiling removal

PopEEZE is designed to make removing popcorn texture cleaner, safer and faster. It comes with the built-in hand grip. That allows you to easily get to tight spaces where poles wont reach. Unlike other popcorn ceiling scraper the PopEEZE’s blade is adjustable. And it is allowing you to get right to the edge of walls for clean removal. The blade designed to reduce gouging and leaving you a clean surface.

popcorn ceiling removal vacuum

This popcorn ceiling scraper With Vacuum will ultimately save your time, money and potential drywall repairs. It comes with two additional blades, so you can have clean ceilings no matter how large it is. Finally, no more stretching from ladder with the putty knife to scrape the popcorn ceiling. Check the PopEEZE on Amazon.com!

Watch the Popcorn Ceiling Scraper With Vacuum Attachment in action down below:

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