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This creative portable door lock is called DoorJammer. It allows you to quickly lock any door by installing them into the base of a door. Do you love travel alone and worrying about your safety while staying on the hotel?. Then this temporary door lock will helps you to prevent anyone from entering the room without your permission. It converts horizontal force into vertical force. So it can adapt any king of attacks from outside of the door. Also there are larger versions available for schools and business.

Best Portable Door Lock Travel Door Lock DoorJammer security

The DoorJammer is a unique portable door security device for anyone needing security while stay alone. It will provide peace of mind while staying in the hotels and AirBnBs. This removable door lock is very useful for business women and men, young traveler, student, or over 55. They have designed developed the portable door lock with an ingenious system of hinges and angles. That converts the horizontal force into the vertical force to maintain the DoorJammer firmly into the ground.

Best Portable Door Lock Travel Door Lock DoorJammer

This unique design increases the DoorJammer’s grip and reduces the chances of foot slipping. This door lock comes with the adjustable foot at the end of the hinge leg. That allows you to install the DoorJammer on any type of floor whether it’s flatter inclined. The foot pad can also grip on any surfaces such as hardwood floors, carpets, tiles, and even linoleum. This handy portable device perfectly fits into your purse.

Travel Door Lock DoorJammer

It’s very easy to install and remove. All you have to do is simply insert the bottom flange into the space under the door. Then twist the bolt until the engagement foot is secured. Tat’s it!, Now your door is jammed. Finally the DoorJammer gives you time to react, and make a call for help when a criminal tries to break into your house. Check the DoorJammer on!

 Watch the Portable Door Lock in action down below:

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